These printed masks, interchanged at 15-day intervals will progressively bring the teeth in the right position.

    Each device is constructed to perform part of the orthodontic  shift, digitally programmed.

    The aligners must be worn  22 hours a day, excluding meals, sports activities and daily oral hygiene. The longevity of the treatment is based on the number of masks needed to finalize the alignment of the arch.

    For a visibile result, an alignment is usually performed with 5-8 masks.



    The production process begins with digital model scanning thanks to advanced 3D technology.

    The second phase is the shifting program that will be worked with the orthodontist  and studied for the best patient outcome, taking into account the morphology and shifts that can be made and that a tooth can support with these devices.

    Follows the generation of a video file to view the evolution of  the treatment, showing the patient the initial and the final stages.

    Models are made with the help of a new generation 3D printers, following processing of thermo-plastic material on the printed models in acrylate.

    The orthodontist assesses together with the patient the possibility of using an invisible aligner. In this case, impressions are needed on both arcades and a central occlusion wax, then sent to technicians with patient photos and radiographs. In the lab, a set-up is scheduled, with 3D photos that allow the patient to watch the development of the step-by-step treatment until the end of the treatment. The masks are listed because they are different from each other: they each act gradually to align the dental elements.

    • An alternative to the fixed orthodontic treatments

      The ArtLine system adapts to the patient's aesthetic needs, without resorting, where possible, to fixed orthodontic treatments.

    • Fast application

      The ArtIine aligners offer the advantage of being minimally invasive and easy to apply, reducing chair time in your office

    • Low invasion in the oral cavity

      They are mobile devices, allowing patients an easier daily hygiene.

    • Aesthetic treatment

      The aligners are designed to provide a perfectly invisible orthodontic treatment to solve the crowding of the teeth, which are part of the lower and upper front group

    • Efficiency

      Aligners are very useful for achieving the desired aesthetic goals of patients in the shortest possible time

    • Brilliant design

      They adapt to the lifestyle of patients because they are perfectly transparent.

    • Advantages of the ArtLine system

      Using the ArtLine system provides the orthodontist with innovative, safe and fast therapeutic solutions with the advantage of an invisible and minimally invasive device.

    • Innovative system

      Virtual set-up, 3D printable models and devices with thermoformable cutting-edge machines.

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